What if the shame in our culture is cultivated in our mind?

What if the shame you have been living with could simply be disregarded? Forgotten. Let go.

Does this seem too hard to let go of shame? Feel impossible? That’s what our culture would have us believe, but God’s word says differently. And thank the LORD He has the final say. The question is, will we believe Him and take Him at His word?

Christ came and demonstrated what it meant to be shame free even though He was surrounded by crowds hurling shame upon Him. The shame did not stick. And it does not have to stick to us either.

Each week we will consider “what if” the shame burdening us could be turned on its head and thought of from a different perspective. Share the topics of shame that inhibit your living an abundant, joyful life in the comments below and we will pick these topics apart from a Biblical perspective and then let. the. shame. go.

You in? I am. Shame is not a once and done proposition, but it has met its match with the word of God.

So as we tackle shame head on, being an observer will not remove our shame. Here is how you can participate, below.

  • Share the shame you want to deal with in the comments below
  • Interact with the weekly What if? posts so we can share ideas of what works for us as we encounter the different types of shame

Let’s do this!!!




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