Inspirational Thought of the Day:

When the promises of men are broken, the promises of God are spoken from One Who already knows the beginning and the end.

Scripture of the Day:

Romans 4:21

“Fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.”

The Nature of Promises

Waiting for the decision from the Judge seemed like an eternity. Had enough evidence been seen for a righteous decision? Only time would tell. Meanwhile, I waited. And I waited. And I waited some more. Were God’s promises for me? Why was this pain allowed in and what was the purpose?

The same God Who was with me in the beginning of our sorrow was there throughout until the end of the matter. Sure, there were bumps along the road that I did not appreciate and suffering that etched character into my very soul, but in the midst I learned to trust deeply in the promises of God – and more importantly, in the One Promise Keeper and Lover of our souls.

Knowing the One Who always keeps His promises makes believing in His promises easier when life is overwhelming. Knowing the nature of His promises also helps us to be able to put our hope and faith in our God and His faithful promises.

When God makes a promise, it is divine. Promises are spoken easily in our culture with a quick excuse or rationalization to cover over our reason for not fulfilling them. When the promises of men are broken, the promises of God are spoken from One Who already knows the beginning and the end.

God’s promises are covenants – a sacred agreement between the God of this universe and His people. They are graciously made by a loving God Who is inviting the unholy into a relationship with a Holy Being. The nature of His covenant is unilateral – He needs nothing from us, He determines the covenant and the conditions which need to be met.

Our human nature just wants to receive the blessing of God’s promises without meeting the full obligations of His covenant with us, but God draws our hearts to want Him, instead. Our righteous, loving God sets in motion amazing promises available to all Who are willing to be accountable and accept the conditions of God’s promises.

God’s conditions are good and for our good, but our flesh resists fulfilling our end when life gets hard. We just want to get to the end and see that everything works out ok. But pressing in, trusting God and focusing on His promises rather than all that surrounds us, we pave the road to victory.

During the most painful moments of my life it was God’s promises which were a refuge for my soul. I held fast to them like they were my life – they were. I counted on them and longed for God to be my Hero – He was.

God knows we are weak. His people have a long track record of forgetfulness. Most of His interaction with man has been a perpetual cycle of placing a promise in front of His people and their response to that promise. God is faithful despite our response to His promises, but He also allows us to bear the consequences for our decisions to trust or not trust in Him.

We help determine the fulfillment of God’s promises in our lives. Will we doubt the Sovereign God of this universe and place our hope in self, or will we surrender to His will and trust His timing?

Oh God, You are my God and I praise You. Thank You for Your promises and Your faithfulness to Your people. Help us to abide in Your covenantal promises and to trust in You always.

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