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Psalm 42:1-2, 5

1 “As a deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God! 2 I thirst for God, for the living God.  I say, “When will I be able to go and appear in God’s presence?” 5 Why are you depressed, O my soul?  Why are you upset?  Wait for God! For I will again give thanks to my God for his saving intervention.” 

Psalm 43:3-4

3 “Reveal your light and your faithfulness!  They will lead me, they will escort me back to your holy hill, and to the place where you live.  4 Then I will go to the altar of God, to the God who gives me ecstatic joy, so that I express my thanks to you, O God, my God, with a harp.”

The opening verses of Psalm 42 are some of my favorite in the Psalms.  I am a visual person and the imagery of a deer lapping up water being likened to God quenching our thirst cleanses my soul.

Are we worn out by the world’s pressures, troubles or sorrows?  Run to God.  Are we weak, tired, sick?  Run to God.  No matter what our circumstances, God can meet them.  No earthly refreshment can deliver what our souls need.  The flesh can be satiated for a moment, but deep calls to deep and the longing within us cannot be met by anyone or anything else other than God alone.

Because we cannot see this source of life and joy with our eyes, it is not as tangible as the water was to the deer, but the effect is longer lasting.  Water can satisfy for the moment, but time with God leaves a lasting refreshment.  Like the deer, we need water to live, and our souls will also starve if we do not replenish them with time with Jesus.

Come, drink.  Read a chapter of the Bible and let the water of Scripture soak in.  Cry out and pray for understanding.  Rest. Rinse and repeat.  (o:

God made us to be dependent on food and water for sustenance.  This humbles us to be needy.  So it is with our spirits. We need God.  We might try to deny this need, but the emptiness in our souls betrays our denial.  Our flesh will seek relief and never find its purpose of knowing and worshiping God outside of time with Him.  The good news is that God did not place this vacuum in us for futility and frustration.  God longs to meet us, to fellowship with us.  He wants to satisfy us with His love.  Hear and accept this invitation – you will not be disappointed.

Lord, thank You for drawing us near to You.  Thank You for meeting our deepest need.  Thank You for Your Word.  Help us to never neglect this treasure we have in You.  I love You, Lord!

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