Writing 101, Day Nine: Changing Moccasins — Point of View

For today’s assignment, write a scene at the park. Up for a twist? Write the scene from three different points of view.


The air was hot and still.  Persistent perspiration was stinging my eyes and fogging my glasses.  I wiped my brow and glanced around.  Young people laughing carelessly and running like deer, seemingly not a care in the world.  I remembered when I could move like that.  Even though the temperature is uncomfortable, I am grateful that I have another day to live.  My aching bones remind me that I better think twice about walking the hiking path, but I do it anyway.  Life is good.

It’s so humid and miserable today – the air condition cannot cool me off.  Why did we have to come outside on a day like this?  I am missing my favorite television show and have to suffer heat exhaustion instead.  That old man over there is crazy for walking in this heat.  I can’t wait until we go home.  I wish I were that squirrel over there, climbing up the tree into the shade.

More humans to frolic at the park today!  This means more food left behind and cleaning up after them.  I sure hope they do not leave that nasty potato salad behind again – it made my tummy hurt last time.  Maybe I will see if that girl has some food to share.  She does not seem happy, though.  Maybe she ate the potato salad, too?  I must hurry and catch the old man – he seems nice and might give some food to me.

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