(c) 2015 Denise Pass, Shay Watson, Olivia Conn

“He reveals DEEP and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.”

At the end of 2007, at the height of ministry, our world fell apart. Suddenly I had to figure out how to be a single mom and help guide my children through severe grief. At that time, I set aside public ministry but still served in worship ministry at my church. All I had been through in ministry could not have prepared me for this.

But even in the greatest moments of sorrow, God was calling me to go deeper with Him. Deeper in His word. Deeper in faith. Deeper in relationship with Him. This invitation meant going beyond the shallow end and trusting God with every circumstance I was drowning in. It meant a change in perspective. Instead of being absorbed in self, I began to see my circumstances through God’s word and promises. The deeper purposes of God are always greater than our biggest sorrow.

And when we see deeper, we understand everything in our lives from a higher place and find our joy and hope complete in the faithfulness of God.

This song was birthed by request from my husband who asked me to write this song about our ministry. When I wanted to hide and was ashamed to step out into the public eye again, this song began baby footsteps toward stepping out again with a new message given in the deep places with our great, awesome, loving and compassionate God.


Deeper (c) Denise Pass, Shay Watson, Olivia Conn

Stood gazing down, but all I found was my own reflection.
I saw your grace, felt Your embrace and no more rejection.
Then you showed me there’s so much more I’ve yet to see.

I need to see DEEPER, DEEPER, DEEPER into You
I need to see more of, Your love, more of You
Don’t want to be easily satisfied,
Wasting time on the surface of this life
I need to see DEEPER

Life seemed shallow, often hollow ‘till I gave You control
Comfort deceived me, kept me believing that I was whole.
I don’t want to hang out on the edge anymore

Seeing deep, beyond the surface, You’ve stirred the waters of my soul;
Seeing deep, I see the freedom in trusting You and letting go –

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