(c) Denise Pass 6/7/14

Discomfort. Pain. Momentary or prolonged afflictions. No one typically wants to volunteer for difficulties or sorrows. Yet they can be the very tool that God uses to shape our character and use in amazing ways. Sometimes, afflictions even deliver us. Had you told me everything that would transpire in my life, I would not have believed you. In fact, I would have thought you had me confused with someone else. Those tragic circumstances happen to someone else who maybe did something to bring it upon themselves. Oh, shudder that I ever thought such a thing. Evil falls on the good and the bad. The big difference? Those who trust in God can cry out to Him for aid and see modern-day miracles manifest in their lives. As I gaze behind me and see both the wreckage and the beauty of what lies behind, I am in awe. It’s true – God did use those moments of horror for my good! When I clung to what I thought was life and what I cherished was ultimately peeled from my fingers, God had something better in store. We are not forgotten or forsaken when trouble comes knocking on our door; no, in fact, we are loved and watched over.


Thank You, Lord, for the afflictions that You have allowed to visit me. Thank you that we never have to walk alone.

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