Inspirational Thought of the Day:

We can let go because our God never lets us go.

Scripture of the Day:

Psalm 55:22

“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

I am a creature of habit. It’s actually a part of trying to live a disciplined life. And while I have a morning regimen that I try to accomplish each morning, alas, something is going to get missed. That bugs me. But it also humbles me to realize I just can’t do it all.

Next to wanting to live a disciplined life is the desire to be safe. I know, the two don’t exactly go together, but they are connected by a similar premise: the need to let go.

As I reflected over my life recently, I realized how a big part of who I am is being “careful”. This part of my personality is so built in that I have actually never been stung by a bee. Yep, I know. My kids don’t know how I accomplished this feat. But if you were to see me outside when a bee comes buzzing around, you’d now. The display of my antics would also make you want to run.

The goal of being “safe” and “careful” aren’t necessarily bad goals in and of themselves, but if they keep us from living a full life, or hinder growth, then it becomes a problem. This week the LORD showed me that my desire to be safe had an ugly root that needed to be dealt with: “trust”. Maybe next to that root is another one called “control”.

The list could go on and on of the good and bad motives behind the desire to be kept safe. The consequences behind not being careful can be downright painful. Who wants that? Back to my chief motivation of wanting to be safe – safe from pain or causing anyone else pain. (P.S.: Just want you to know I am lying down on a couch while I type this. In the LORD’s counsel. I know I have issues in this area).

Going to the opposite end of the spectrum would not help things, either. We need to care and not become apathetic or careless. But while being careful is really a part of my makeup, I am learning to do my part and then trust the rest to God. Walking in wisdom protects us, but at the end of the day, we have to let go and trust the LORD.

When our carefulness is due to a fear of the unknown, it can cripple us and cause us to shrink back into our shells until we give our cares to the One who knows all. He already knows the outcome. He is enough to heal our hurts and cares even more about us and our sorrows than we do.

We can let go because our God never lets us go. We can trust Him even though the world is so uncertain. We can approach our post-traumatic selves and tell ourselves that God can heal us and we can re-learn how to rest again. Trust again. Care, but place it all in God’s hands at the end of the day.

Lord, thank You for caring about the smallest details of our lives. You are so much bigger than any problem we face. Help us to trust You and walk in wisdom.

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