Inspirational Thought of the Day:

God’s rain cleanses and refreshes us if we trust Him in the rain.

Scripture of the Day:

Jeremiah 14:22 (NIV)

“Do any of the worthless idols of the nations cause rain to fall? Do the skies themselves send showers? Is it not you, O Lord our God, who does this? So we put our hopes in you because you alone do all this.”

Jeremiah 5:24 (NLT)

“They do not say from the heart, ‘Let us live in awe of the LORD our God, for he gives us rain each spring and fall, assuring us of a harvest when the time is right.'”

We are getting a torrential downpour outside as I write this today. My car actually looks like it was washed! ? In the busyness of life we can forget to notice the hand of God all around us. We take for granted the rain, the blossoming flowers, all of God’s provision around us. Truly, we have forgotten to be in AWE of our God. For me, today, I am in awe of our God Who designed our world in such a way that He could send rain upon the earth to cause growth and sustain life. What a Creator!

Rain is such a comforting reminder that our God has not forgotten us. Water falling from the sky from our Creator demonstrates to us once again His power and our dependence upon Him. Such an obvious sign of God’s activity, rain reminds us that our God is for us and gives us hope that he sends refreshing when we need it.

No one but God can send rain. There is no one else we can place our hopes in but the One Who is sovereignly in control of the earth and all of its inhabitants.

In the Bible, rain is a sign of a blessing, but it is also a reminder that God allows rain, symbolic of life’s challenges, to fall on us all. “God sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous” (Matt 5:45). Whatever kind of rain is falling in our lives, God is using it all as a blessing. Is it raining blessings or raining down hardship in our lives? In all circumstances, we know that God’s rain cleanses and refreshes us if we trust Him in the rain.

What about when there is no rain? When it seems we are forgotten and everything around us is dry and barren? Can we place our hope in the One Whose timing is perfect and wait for His blessing? He will bring the rain again.

Rain can represent blessings or trials in our lives. Isn’t it great to know that our God is in control of the rain on earth and in our lives? We can place our hope in such a One. His purposes are always good and He is sovereign over it all. God is reigning over the rains of our lives!

Along with the blessing of rain is the sign of the rainbow that God often paints in the sky for us – a promise that He will not flood the earth again as He did in the day of Noah. It will not always rain in our lives. We will have times where the heavy rains try to crush our hope and it seems there is no end, but God promised the rain would stop. And we will also have times when blessings pour on us and we wish it would not stop. During and after the rain, we can choose to be in awe of our God who brought us through it and uses it all for our good and His glory. We can place our hope in the God who reigns over the rains and every aspect of creation.

Lord, thank You for the rain and for everything You sovereignly allow into our lives. Help us to trust You and place our hope in You when it is raining blessings and when it is not.


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