Sitting in my kitchen with my four young children at the time, we were preparing for another normal day. Fixing breakfast and cracking out the books for homeschooling.

Then the phone rang. It was my mom. “Turn on the TV now!” She knew I did not watch TV much, but I knew by the tone of her voice that something horrible had happened.

Everyone always remembers that moment when something tragic happens. You will never forget the sights and smells of that day as you were trying to grasp reality when it seemed so hard.


Forever etched in our minds as the day that provoked a lot of fear and invoked a lot of courage.

My children and I dropped to our knees crying and praying, burdened with grief and yet looking to the resident hope to help in our time of need.

As I tried to express my heart cry, God put a song on my heart. I did a recording in the basement of a friend’s house and sent it into the radio station—I had to help others find peace during such a turbulent time. We never know how God will use a song or any effort we give to help others. Small or big, everything is used for His glory. Within weeks of sending my humble song with a lot of heart in, WJTL and KKLA would play it. But more importantly, the song was played for throughout a day in New York when it was desperately needed.

Yeah, 9/11 has had us on edge ever since. This is a new day of terror that we live in. But we also know that together we are a lot stronger and sometimes fear becomes strength when we realize that we can rise up against it and walk in the strength of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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