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Explore the topics below that Denise has presented or offer some topics for her to consider!

What’s on your heart?

Trying to pick a topic for a conference can be daunting. But when we remember that the chief goal is to bring God glory and point people back to God’s word, then we realize that the most significant thing we can do is pray and ask God what is on His heart for His people.

Below is a list of topics but here is a speaker kit listing topics in further detail that I have presented, but I would love to search God’s word and develop a message tailored for your group, speaking on a topic of your choosing. Let me know if there is a topic you would like to bring to your group.


  • Shame Off You talks to choose from
    • Shame Off You: Unveiling Shame’s Presence and Exposing a Culture of Shame
    • Shame Off You: Navigating Conviction versus Condemnation
    • Shame Off You: Getting Off the Cycle of Shame
    • Shame Off You: Redeeming the Battle of the Mind
    • Shame Off You: Confronting and Defeating Shame
    • Shame Off You: Stopping Shame’s Reach Dead in Its Tracks
    • Eyes Wide Open: Seeing Shame with a Biblical Mindset
  • Hope Reinvented: 5 talks
    • Hope Reinvented: Redefining our Hope
    • Hope Reinvented: Facing Disillusionment
    • Hope Reinvented: Thriving in the Desert
    • Hope Reinvented: Surprised by God’s Sovereignty
    • Hope Reinvented: Unexpected Hope and the New Normal
  • Restored
    • Restored: Removing our Shame and Restoring our Honor
    • Restored: Finding and Restoring our Stolen Identity
    • Restored: How to Overcome Shame Resulting from Trauma
    • Restored: Embracing Your True Identity
    • Restored: Removing Shame’s Residue and Walking in Victory
    • Restored: Releasing Yesterday’s Guilt And Holding onto God’s Promises
  • Finding Your Identity in the Great I AM (4 talks)
    • Reinventing our Hope and Identity through God’s Goodness (I AM the Good Shepherd)
    • Redefining Our Identity through Christ’s Righteousness (I AM the Light of the World)
    • Restoring our Worth and Identity through Christ’s Resurrection (I AM the Resurrection and the Life)
    • Relishing and Being Satisfied with Who We are in Christ (I AM the Bread of Life)
  • The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (3 talks)
    • Are you a M.O.M. A.T. R.I.S.K.?
    • Protecting or Sheltering? Overcoming Worldly Influence without Putting Your Kids in a Bubble
    • Leaving a Godly Legacy: Imparting Authentic Faith without Legalism
  • Homeschooling for Real: How to Survive Homeschooling in a Chaotic World (4 talks)
    • When the Foundations Have Been Destroyed: Rebuilding from the Ruins
    • The Poison of Comparison – Remembering and Realigning the Purpose of Your Call
    • Re-defining Success – Getting Unstuck and Using the Correct Plumb Line in Your New Normal
    • Reality Check – Overcoming Disillusionment and Hardship to Thrive in Your Calling
  • The Power of Your Story: The Power, Pattern & Purpose of Your Story (3 talks)
    • The Power of Your Story
    • The Pattern of Your Story
    • The Purpose of Your Story
  • How to Make Lemonade When Life Gives You Lemons (3 talks)
    • When Trauma Strikes ~ No Longer in Kansas
    • Bitter or Better?
    • What’s the Point?
  • Cultivating Joy and Rooting Out Depression
    • Rooting out Joy Killers
    • Defining Joy
    • Discovering Joy that is No Longer Dependent Upon Circumstances
  • Decluttering Your Life and Filling Your Spirit
    • Declutter Your Mind
    • Declutter Your Calendar ~ Recalibrating Your Life on Mission
    • Declutter Your Faith
  • Discovering Peace in the Midst of Life’s Trials
    • Defining Peace
    • Finding Peace
    • Dwelling in Peace
  • Living in the Promised Land
    • Promises, Promises, What’s in a Promise?
    • Fulfilled or Not? Seeing the Goal of Promises that God has for Us
    • Why We Need to Hope in God’s Promises
  • Building Faith that Lasts
    • The Foundation of Faith
    • Cultivating Faith in Our Lives When Murphy’s Law Seems to Be Winning
    • Faith’s Source: Reigniting Faith When Discouragement Abounds
  • A Living Display – Revealing God’s Love Through Our Lives (Talk for middle school and high school group)
  • Finding Enduring Hope at Christmas
  • Transforming Our Mindset and Adopting Christ’s
  • Unstuck: Encouragement and Healing for Victims of Sexual Abuse

Check out other resources on my speaking page, including speaking samples and a resource to make your event special just for event planners.

Feel free to offer topic suggestions below.



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