Technical Issues were real this past week, y’all.
In an attempt to streamline my blog & ministry website, I made a mess of things. So, now you can type http://www.denisepass.com or http://www.seeingdeep.com & get to the same place: our ministry website, which has my music, blog, a new prayer page & information about booking/events. Only problem is, that kind of caused problems on the WordPress side of things. So…blogging kind of came to a standstill this past week. And. I. Have. Missed. It. Terribly.
The good news is that my blog address is still at the original location: http://www.seeingdeep.wordpress.com, but can now also be found at http://www.denisepassdevotions.com as well as on our ministry website.
Stop by http://www.denisepass.com & sign up for the ministry newsletter coming out next week! See you there soon! http://ow.ly/i/nlovO

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