Hope Discovery of the Day:

When hoping hurts, God catches every tear.

Scripture of the Day:

Proverbs 13:12

“Delayed hope makes one sick at heart, but a fulfilled longing is a tree of life.”

Patience is a virtue, but a hard one at that. Especially when it comes to hope.

It is not the waiting alone that hurts. It is longing for something that we are not sure we will ever have. It is an ache of the soul looking forward to something we cannot see.

But what if the longing, as painful as it can be, is an impetus to help us remain faithful while we wait?

Wounded Trust

When hoping hurts, at the root of that hurt is a wounded trust that had expectations that God did not fulfill our hopes the way we thought they should be fulfilled. Can we trust Him with our hope, knowing He knows what is best and His timing is perfect?

Idolizing Our Hope

When hoping hurts, our souls might be idolizing our hope above God’s will. Can we let go and let the Author of our life who paid for our sins determine what is best for us?

Where Our Hope is Placed

When hoping hurts, our hope might be in the wrong place. We hope for temporary things from an Eternal God. He is fully capable of handling our hopes – crushed ones and unfulfilled ones. The things we hope for cannot compare with what God has for us. The hope God has for us lasts forever and does not disappoint. It is better than any hope we could ever have.

He Comforts Us

When hoping hurts, He catches every tear. He understands our longing. His plans were in place before the world began and patiently waits for our hearts to respond to Him. He comforts us while we wait and uses our longing to sanctify us.


God is sovereign over everything – from the smallest to the biggest details of our lives. He is in complete control and the One Who can take all of our hopes and turn them into something better than we ever dreamed.

Lord, thank You for taking even our hurt and using it for our good.

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