Not a surprise to me at all that I missed the first day of Writing 101.  I often bite off more than I can chew, and although many have commented how organized I am, I realize the truth is I am amazed I remember half of what I am supposed to.  So, the assignment is before me, though it is after day #2, which I just completed.  If you read Day #2 about containing emotions, I am bursting into laughter at this point; ok, maybe I am just going to type an LOL now.

So why do I write?  Certainly there are an excessive amount of words out there, many of them seemingly spoken in vain.  I am just getting started, finally stepping out to pen what has been in my heart for so long.  I write to express what God has placed in my soul, hoping it can benefit someone else – paying it forward, so to speak.  Every single person is precious and has a voice that needs to be heard – by somebody.  If nothing else, a voice for those who have none, a voice to add to the clamor of voices that will hopefully work to make change or heal a broken heart.  So often mankind can feel like they are the only one encountering the strange difficulty they find themselves in, but the refreshing antidote of an apt word uttered at the moment when it is needed can make all the difference in the world.  And maybe, just maybe, you’re not alone anymore in your struggles.

Life is getting busier and busier.  Knowledge is growing at an alarming rate and somehow we have forgotten the importance of fellowship with one another (myself included).  We relate predominately through our fingers these days, and our writing can impact people we may never meet.  Suddenly it is indeed a small world after all.  The problem is, where is the time for all of this communication through our hands?  Are relationships with flesh and blood harmed because we are incessantly typing away?  Hopefully not, in a life of balance.  As we transition to this new age, far different, I admit, from the days when I was typing college papers on a typewriter, there are blessings and potential curses in the new frontier of internet and blogging.  Finding time to write can be such a healthy outlet – as long as it does not consume us.  Putting the big rocks in first – time with God, time with my family, my church, my job, creates freedom for pockets of time in which I can express through writing.

It is my hope that I can encourage and inspire joy and healing through sharing insights from my own personal journey.  I look forward to being inspired by you, too!


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