Shame RX: God’s grace is more powerful than our mistakes.

Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

You worked too much.

You should have spent more time with your children.

Your child’s poor behavior reflects on you.

You should give more to your children.

You are too permissive.

You are too strict.

Oh, momma!

It is so humbling to be entrusted with shepherding and caring for another human life. The imperfect raising the imperfect. Sounds like a plan for a disaster . . . or an incredible opportunity to live out God’s grace!

Ever feel like you will never measure up?

Well, then, perhaps we should look at what we are measuring ourselves by, right?

Ok, now we are still in trouble, because Christ is our standard. And . . . He is perfect! But wait, there is hope still! Because the only One who could judge us is also the One who chooses to cover our failures. This does not mean He winks at sin, no never. But it does mean He offers us grace in the face of judgment when we come to Him in our time of need.

When we feel shame as if our mistakes are the cause of all of our children’s woes, we can remember that we are not that powerful. Praise God!

But God is. He promises to redeem where we fall short, but we need to recognize our need.

Shame cripples us with its lie, but we silence shame with the truth.

When we are willing to examine ourselves and admit where we fall short but also not accept the false guilt the world dumps on us, we can be set  free from shame’s clutches.

God’s grace is more powerful than our mistakes.


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