Scriptural Nugget of the Day:

Psalm 44:15 (ISV)
“My dishonor tortures me continuously; the shame on my face overwhelms me, because of the voice of the one who mocks and reviles, because of the enemy and the avenger.”

Shame RX of the Day:

Expose the lies of false shame and adopt God’s view of us instead.

Looking across the room, the judgment of my onlookers was palpable. It didn’t matter that I did not know what they were saying or thinking, my brain had already mulled over the probable content and depression and accusations slowly tried to take over.

Ever felt like that? At moments like this, we want to disappear, we want to clear our name, but it all seems hopeless. How can we dare to speak about the hidden shame that lurks in the corner of our minds? What if we are wrong? What if they will not admit it?

And so we are stuck. Stuck to contemplate our supposed shame. Stuck to repeat the scenarios and suppositions in our brain.

Unless. Unless we expose the lies of false shame and adopt God’s view of us instead.

Maybe there was merit to our concern, maybe not. But the many varied ways that shame can slip in through our mind can be overcome.

The mind can be a real battlefield and cultivator for shame. So many thoughts, intentions, and presumptions can flood and overwhelm us.

This week, we will be exploring the Projection, Presumption, Prevalence and Pride of shame. Ready? I am!!!

Come hang out in the Shame Off You Facebook Group just for women and join the discussion.

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