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The Power of Meditation

Good morning, friends! Day Eleven! Life can move so fast that we forget to pause. When we think we don’t have time to spend with God, we miss out on His fellowship and set ourselves up for sin. In the words of Bill Hybels, “we are too busy not to pray.” And the power of meditation enables us to find the peace Christ gave to us. Be still and know that He is God.

Bible Reading: Psalm 3-4

Verse of the day is: Psalm 4:4 “Tremble with fear and do not sin! Meditate as you lie in bed, and repent of your ways!”

Word of the day: Meditate. It is the Hebrew word: אָמַר (aw-mar’).

This word means: To think;  to say in one’s heart, utter; to muse or moan.

Importance of Being Still

David has just fled his own son Absalom, once again hiding out from his enemies. But this suffering has produced in David a recognition for him to be still and wait on God. Sometimes hardships wakes us up to see our great need of God, provoking us to seek Him.

Meditate On These Things

Meditation has a lot of non-biblical connotations from other religions, but it is a biblical activity. Psalm 1:2 tells us “to meditate” on God’s law day and night (Ps. 1:2). The object of meditation is God’s word. Believers should think on and choose to meditate upon things that are true, noble, pure and lovely (Phil. 4:8), but even more we should put into practice the things on which we meditate (Phil. 4:9).

It is easy to go through the motions and move so fast that we forget to contemplate God and how great He is, and what He would say to us in each day. Meditating on God’s word rather than a myriad of thoughts going through our brains helps to filter out negative thoughts and to purify our mindset.


Give meditation a try – nothing weird. This is not emptying your mind. But it is choosing to set your mind on things above.

Have your daily time in the word and see if a Scripture sticks out to you.

Pray over this verse and ask the Holy Spirit to give you insight and understanding

Mull this verse in your mind and then perhaps study it to see if you can gain better understanding.

Thinking on the things of God keeps us from thinking on things that lead to sin.

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