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Doubting Unbelief

Good morning, friends! Day Fourteen! This world will try to get us to believe in so many things that we know are not true. But believing in lies eventually lets us down. Exposing unbelief in our lives is what brings us the greatest joy. Ultimately, doubting unbelief rather than doubting God is what helps us to see.

Bible Reading: Romans 3-5

Verse of the day is: Romans 3:3 “For what if some did not believe? Will their unbelief make the faithfulness of God without effect?”

Word of the day is: Unbelief. It is the Greek word: ἀπιστία (ap-is-tee’-ah).

This word means: “An unwillingness to commit oneself to another or respond positively to the other’s words or actions, lack of belief, without faith, lack of commitment in a relationship, unfaithfulness.” (Greek Lexicon). Lack of confidence or trust in God.

Faithfulness and Grace

Romans 3–5 is a beautiful apologetics in our utter depravity and need for salvation. Paul is contrasting the faithlessness of the Jewish people with the faithfulness of God. God’s grace is greater. Always. And God’s plans will not be thwarted.

Repentance Reduces Unbelief

Yesterday we studied the word repent and today is such a perfect follow on to that word. For what we are repenting of is unbelief. In our verse of the day Paul is challenging us to consider what effect other people’s unbelief should have on us or on the faithfulness of God. Though the whole world stopped believing in Jesus, God is still faithful. Don’t let anyone else’s unbelief of faithlessness become a stumbling block for you


      • Ask God to increase your faith where you doubt.
      • Doubt the doubts.
      • God is trustworthy, but every man is a liar.

      Go with God and His precious word, friends! Join us tomorrow in the book of Genesis.

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