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Finding An Inner Refuge

Good Morning! Welcome to Day Thirty-Nine! Sometimes I just want to run and hide from problems when I hear about them. But refuge is not a place. It is a person, and it is found within.

 Bible Reading: Psalms 11-12

Verse of the day is: Psalm 11:1 “In the LORD I take refuge; how can you say to my soul, “Flee like a bird to your mountain.”

Word of the day is: Refuge.  It is the Hebrew word: חָסָה (khaw-saw’).

This word means: To put trust in, to have hope.

 Strong’s concordance describes this word refuge as “to flee for protection; figuratively, to confide in:—have hope, make refuge, (put) trust.”

Dwelling In Safety

David wrote Psalm 11 when he was a fugitive from King Saul. Running to find refuge, he found that he could not find it in the advice of his friends, that although they meant well, their advice was not faithful. They told him to flee and hide. However, David could not find solace in the caves he was hiding in, either. David found it by lifting his eyes to the LORD and off of his circumstances.

Where Is Your Refuge?

Safety isn’t our savior or our refuge. Jesus is. Sometimes we have to learn that lesson over and over again. Running to friends can be a comfort, but they cannot be our source of safety. Have you ever tried running to food for comfort? I’ve tried this, and it definitely makes matters worse. Running to anything for a refuge other than God and His word will leave us bound in fear.

This word refuge is used 56 times in Scripture, mostly in the Psalms. David is such an example of going to God when the going gets tough. What would it be like to just stay in God’s plan for us? When we allow problems to distract us from the safety God has for us, we are troubled.


  • We can confide in a perfect God. He is well able to handle our problems.
  • Refuge is a synonym for God. He is our home.

Go with God and His precious word, friends! Join us tomorrow in the book of Job!







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