Bible tribe 5

Imperfect Blamelessness

Good morning, friends! Day Five! Ever had someone place the blame on you? Our natural instinct is to shift that blame, right? Like a hot potato. But those who are in Christ are truly blameless. This imperfect blamelessness is only by the grace of God.


Bible Reading: Job 1-2

Verse of the day is: Job 1:1 “He was blameless—a man of complete integrity. He feared God and stayed away from evil.”

Word of the day is: Blameless It is the Hebrew word: תָּם (tawm).

This word means: “Perfect, integrity, completeness.

 Suffering for His Glory

The book of Job details suffering in the life of a righteous man. We don’t really have a neat and tidy answer for that, do we? We identify with Job’s inner wrestling’s and long for God’s rescue, but perhaps in the pages of the book of Job we realize our view of God and suffering were skewed toward self and not toward God’s glory. In all our entitled sense of feeling we don’t deserve pain in this life, we discover that we were not blameless, after all. But the One Who was bore all of our blame, shame, and pain declared us so.

Nothing Is Wasted

I allowed suffering to create in me a disillusionment and distrust of God. I did not understand, like Job, how God could not intervene and stop the pain. This is the chief stumbling block for our culture, as well. How could a good God permit suffering, and in the case of Job, even perhaps provoke it? It is not until we face suffering that we understand what our real theology is. Blaming God reveals we think we deserve better than what He provided. Anger at God reveals an entitled soul. Judgment of God reveals that we base His goodness on our welfare. But worshiping God in the face of suffering reveals a heart that knows God will redeem every sorrow we endure on this earth. Nothing is wasted.

Are you in a season of suffering, friend? Your suffering is not minimized in the eyes of God. And perhaps our idea of blameless needs an overhaul.


To all of you perfectionists out there – we could never attain to Christ’s righteousness.

Perfection is not the same as being blameless.

But isn’t it amazing that God considers us righteous because of His own sacrifice?

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