Don't Despise Discipline

Don’t Despise Discipline

Anyone here like discipline? Discipline is an ugly word to our flesh, right? And yet if we don’t change our attitude about discipline, we harm ourselves. Don’t despise discipline. Discipline is a gift bearing beautiful fruit for those who yield to it.

Bible Reading of the Day: Proverbs 12-13

In our reading today Solomon is comparing and contrasting the righteous and the unrighteous or wicked, the foolish and the wise man. And he reveals some important points about discipline. The wise person is wise because he heeds discipline.

Overview of Today’s Reading

In Proverbs 12 there is a side-by-side analysis of the motives, thoughts, and actions of the righteous and the wicked. In Proverbs 13 the comparison and contrast continues of the wise, righteous man and the foolish, wicked man.

Proverbs 12:1 says, “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but one who hates correction is stupid.” There’s the “S” word. We don’t say that in our house because it can be used to demoralize others and I will never forget my children from time to time when we would go out in public and someone would invariably say the “S” word, “Stupid” and my kids would come tell me, “momma! Someone said the “S” word.”

And yet in this context Solomon wants us to understand that if we do not love correction we are ignorant. Stupid. Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge. We don’t love discipline because it humbles us. Discipline requires humility.

Don’t Despise Discipline—It blesses us.

Proverbs 13:1, “A wise son responds to his father’s discipline, but a mocker doesn’t listen to rebuke.” What is our response to discipline? Do we respond by being teachable, or by resisting and rejecting discipline?

We often don’t love discipline because we aren’t teachable.

Parents need to break through the hardened hearts of their children when they are not teachable. We break through with love and seeking to help them understand why discipline is necessary. There are consequences when we don’t respond to discipline with a right heart.

Don’t Despise Discipline—Be Self-Disciplined

We are all disciplined in this life, whether it be by others or by God. If someone loves us enough, they will speak in our life not to judge us, but to help us. But the discipline I speak of today is not necessarily punitive discipline, but we do see that in these chapters. Self-discipline is what we need today. Our flesh will resist self-discipline every step of the way. But the Holy Spirit helps us when we are weak.

Don’t Despise Discipline or Ignore It

Proverbs 13:18, “Poverty and disgrace come to those who ignore discipline, but the one who accepts correction will be honored.”

Now I must confess this is one method with dealing with discipline that I am pretty good at—ignoring it. When it comes to disciplining myself in healthy eating and exercise, and maybe you can identify with me here—it is HARD!

I can ignore this discipline by rationalizing or making excuses, but in the end ignoring discipline will bear consequences. Poor health and sickness. Maybe a shorter life. And it is hard when our bodies get older and quite frankly we just don’t need the nutrition that our bodies used to require. It is self-discipline to eat less than half than we used to. But self-discipline bears beautiful fruit, friends.

Don’t Despise Discipline—Be Diligent in it

Proverbs 13:24, “The one who will not use the rod hates his son, but the one who loves him disciplines him diligently.”

As a parent, I did despise having to discipline my children. I just wished they would do what was right. But I was not loving my children if I let them be undisciplined. The world tells us to let our kids figure it out. Let them have their own way.

This allows their flesh to grow so strong that it will be so difficult to be self-disciplined, friends. And now I see the beautiful fruit that came from the discipline I hated to do with my children who are now grown adults who love God. They aren’t perfect, but oh the fruit in their lives is beautiful. And they belong to Jesus.

Scripture of the Day: Proverbs 13:5-6

5 “The godly hate lies; the wicked cause shame and disgrace. 6 Godliness guards the path of the blameless, but the evil are misled by sin.”

  • In Solomon’s analysis of the righteous and the wicked in chapters 12 and 13 remind us to look at the fruit of those choices and our willingness to apply discipline in our lives.
  • Favor – Proverbs 12:2
  • Security – Proverbs 12:3
  • Thoughts – Proverbs 12:5
  • Words – Proverbs 12:6
  • Fruit – Proverbs 12:15-16
  • Truth or lies – Proverbs 12:17
  • Words – Proverbs 12:18


  • Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge.
  • We don’t love discipline because it humbles us
  • We often don’t love discipline because we aren’t teachable.
  • Don’t ignore discipline—it might just save your life.

7-Fold One-Year Bible Reading Plan

Day #208: Proverbs 12-13

Scripture of the Day: Proverbs 13:5-6

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