Shame RX: Avoiding Conflict only keeps us bound in shame.

You’re hurt. They’re hurt. It seems like there is no way out. So, you do the only logical thing that comes to mind. Avoid them and the situation. That’ll work, right?

Not so much. Remember, hiding shame never heals it?

But still there is this divide.  Guess we know who causes division, right? Picking apart the shame we feel, we can be unafraid to face conflict in a biblical way.

Underneath that conflict is a fear of rejection and hurt pride. We let go of shame and conflict when we stop elevating man’s acceptance of us as being necessary for our joy and seek to care for their hurt soul, instead. Even if they are wrong. Phew – does that ever send the enemy packing.

Our pride might suffer when we humble ourselves and seek to resolve conflict, but isn’t that a beautiful thing? Remember, none of us are perfect. This is . why we need a Savior. Forgive yourself and then forgive them, too. It is a heavy burden and Jesus paid it all. AMEN!

One final note – sometimes people aren’t ready to face conflict healthfully. Just resolve it in your own heart and lay it down before God. Process the hurt and shame you feel through God’s word. *You can use the Scripture reference guide in Shame Off You to help you in this, too. Then just be ready when God invites you to help the other person let go of their offense, too. We have to be wise in conflict and remember that all that matters is God’s glory in it all.


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