Thankful Thought of the Day:

Give thanks to God at all times.

Scripture of the Day:

Psalm 69:30

“I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving.”

Let’s be real. The Thanksgiving holiday is a lot of work. I personally enjoy all of the cooking and there is an excitement in the air as we prepare for special time together. But in the end, the dishes to clean are, well, massive. And although in many of our homes there will be a feast, in many homes there is not. How are we to be thankful in a sometimes hard, unfair world?

I love the phrase, “better than I deserve”, that I have heard some share when they are asked how they are doing. Sure, it can sound religious and “goody too-shoes”, but spoken sincerely from a heart that understands our state before a Holy God, it is beautiful worship and the definition of living the thanksgiving message daily.

Authentic thankfulness is a choice we have. Will we thank God – really thank Him – in every aspect of our lives? Thanksgiving is a lot of work, too. I mean truly expressing our thanks to God and others. Why? Because our flesh and this world impede it.

Being thankful for what God has given us means not comparing to what He has given others. It means being content with our portion and trusting God’s purposes and His heart in all that He has allowed into our lives and allowed us to steward in our lives – people, belongings, and our faith. Sometimes we have to fight to be thankful. But the fight is worth it. Letting go of bitterness, we adopt humble gratitude, instead.

Sometimes we just need to stop holding all of that gratitude in! Thanksgiving sure looks beautiful in a heart of praise. So, even if you don’t think you are the best singer, find a place where you can pour your heart out, sing and praise God. Just thank Him sincerely for giving you life, for loving you, for the air you breathe, health, His provision, for His gracious, mighty, eternal salvation.

Sure, we will have troubles and problems in this world that try to steal our joy, but when we put that aside and choose to be a thankful people, things are put into perspective. Our God is good. And He has overcome the world!



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