Reaching the Next Generation

Reaching the Next Generation

One of the greatest things God has used me to do in this uncertain life was to homeschool my children for 23 years. Now before you think we were Polyanna or perfect, uh no, we were far from it. But we persevered and I learned a lot from that endeavor even as I was the one trying to do the teaching. Reaching the next generation requires teaching them—discipling them. But how?

Teaching the next generation

Through leading an educational organization for eleven years, and raising my children who are now adults, I have seen that the lessons we seek to impart stick better when we impart with our heart.

I learned that lessons are caught when they are lived out rather than merely being taught.

I learned that just affecting the outward behavior did not affect the heart.

But reaching the heart is hard because our own hearts are deceitful.

Seeking with the Next Generation

I have found that it is when we recognize that we are on the same level at the foot of the cross that we leave the biggest impact. Admitting our weaknesses and crying out to God with them helps them to catch our faith so much more than just words. But we share the apt words, too, as the Holy Spirit leads.

In all of the ins and outs of raising our kids for Jesus, what they need to see the most is our love for God, and living that out authentically with them. When it is just a religion or a “to do” for us, it will be for them, too. And when we make mistakes, being humble about them speaks volumes.


To help you in your endeavor to raise godly children and knit their hearts closely to yours, my team and I have put together a wonderful resource. Doing things with our children helps to bring the Gospel message to bear in their lives.

Our new book, Mommy and Me: Cooking with Jesus is filled with fun recipes to cook and enjoy together for all ages, along with Scriptures to meditate on and devotions to remind us of what matters most: drawing near to God in every day life.

Reaching the next generation

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