“Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” —Philippians 2:5

Running around the house frantically, I wondered if I looked fat in my outfit. Would others notice? Then my thoughts quickly turned to that old familiar struggle in my mind of what so-and-so thinks of me and why they don’t like me. Trying to switch my thoughts, I received a text from someone who made a hurtful comment . . .

Oh, the many thoughts we can have. I’d like to say that I don’t have thoughts like above anymore, but nope, those thoughts come every day. But it is what I do with my thoughts now that has changed my life and helped me to feel empowered instead of overpowered by my thoughts.

Our thoughts matter. Have you ever thought about that? We are accountable for how we deal with our thoughts. We are not a victim of our thoughts, but it will be the challenge of our lives to reign our thoughts in and turn them toward Christ, away from self and the pattern of this world.

Our thoughts can run our lives if we are not careful. Without pressing pause and considering the wild foray of thoughts flowing through our mind, we can begin to be influenced by our thoughts rather than influencing our thoughts.

But God. I love those two words. But God has not left us to our own thoughts. He has given us the mind of Christ.

We are not condemned even if our thoughts indicate that is so because the One Who made our minds has given us His mind. 

How do we access this mind of Christ and what does the mind of Christ look like? Unpacking this question is the goal of this mind renewal series.

The world’s strategies for renewing our mindsets fall short. They are man-centered and focused on our abilities or techniques. But the mind of Christ is not a set of strategies, but a heart change and a mind shift that only God can produce. It’s ours. No mistake about it. But so few access it. We can be lured by the worldliness around us and dominated by the plethora of thoughts we have just patently accepted or we can cut through the layers of deceit and hunt for the mind of Christ. This treasure is ours.

Won’t you join me as we explore this mind of Christ? Over the next several months we will focus on one attribute of the mind of Christ each week and how to apply it to our lives.

The mind of Christ reveals thoughts that please God.

The mind of Christ sets us free from the tyranny of our own thoughts or the thoughts of others.

The mind of Christ is ours. Now. We just have to learn how to turn down the noise of our own mindsets and to walk in that which is ours already.

This week’s tip:

As thoughts come and go, ask God to help you to govern them. Just because we think a thought does not mean it is true. And if it is true, it does not mean we have to be condemned by it. As we let go of the bossiness of our thoughts, we can choose to boss our thoughts, instead.

The word of God is our healing. So won’t you join me this year as we read the Bible together? It literally takes 15 minutes most days and I hop online to share a 5-minute summary. I hope you will join me. Below are the details.

This month I’ve started a bible reading plan with daily reminders, audio links to hear the word if you can’t read it, and daily FB live videos at 8am ET to help us stay on task to read the Bible through this year. Why? Because when we are in the word of God, we are changed. We think differently. Our minds are set on things above rather than on all of this life’s struggles.

Also . . . super exciting . . . I have an app that will be out soon that will help counter negative mindsets with the word of God!!!!

Check out the Make Up Your Mind app website or the Make Up Your Mind page on my website for more info.

Let’s renew our minds in 2020 together! I’m praying for each of you who read this and sign up to do the Bible Reading plan. God is at work. And the good news is that HE will complete the work that He has begun in us!

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