Finding Perspective

Finding Perspective

This month we are talking about finding perspective and I have to say that the events of this past week have revealed the dire need we have for truth. Not conspiracy theories, man’s manipulation, or political maneuvers. The breaching of the capital perhaps can waken us up for the need to not just believe the perspective we are hearing from either camp. So how do we find truth? How do we regain our perspective when we have let our perspective be tainted in a fallen world? By looking to the past. The past can be a tutor if we are willing to listen.

Finding Perspective—Looking to the Past

What counsel do we listen to? Look to the past in God’s word and in our nation. God wins. He has already won. And while we wait for Christ’s return, may we ground our perspective in His Word and not man’s.

Listen in and come and find a biblical perspective this month on the Seeing Deep podcast.

Need hope? God is our hope but sometimes we can look for hope in the wrong places. Come and discover the hope that God has for us in the hard places in Denise’s book, Hope Reinvented, and an accompaniment devotional study guide for small groups, Discovering a Hope that Never Fails.

Hope Reinvented

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