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You are afraid to go to the deep end . . . I get it.

I was the girl who would stand at the edge of the ocean instead of stepping in when the rest of my family did. The irony is that many years later God led me to start a ministry called, “Seeing Deep”. As I began to blog in 2014, I realized that all of my writings were about going deeper in faith and trusting God in all of life’s painful moments. As much as I believed God, I also doubted whether He knew how much I could handle. It’s easy to say we want to go deeper, but when life hurts, will we still hope in Christ? That’s what this spot on the web is for . . . seeing the deeper purposes of God in our lives and a catalyst to  inspire hope in God’s goodness. I love to explore the deeper meaning of topics like hope, shame, joy and relevant topics in our world through God’s word. We all encounter problems in this world but those problems are an opportunity to trust God in the deep places. Will you go to the deep end with me?

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Where are you pitching your tent?

What choices are you making in your daily lives? Do they reflect your faith? It is not where we live or what we profess to believe that truly matters, but HOW we live.

$200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Got the winter blahs? Christmas budget hangover causing some continued strain? A few of my friends and I are celebrating YOU by offering a giveaway to you as you stop by for some encouragement and connect with some of our favorite people and places in order to create one of our Best Giveaways Ever!  Please take a few moments and visit these amazing authors and writers by visiting, liking or subscribing to their sites. A winner will be selected at the end of the giveaway. ***BONUS: AND in the spirit of giving, if you visit my Compassion page ( and choose to sponsor a child, I am also doing a giveaway of a free hour-long consultation and free item from my website. Email me here is you sponsor a child.

When Progress is Slow

Moving forward takes guts, y'all. Especially when your time is limited and you need to make every move count. But sometimes progress is slow. Ok, let's be real. Most of the time progress is slow. Every now and then, I actually accomplish something without a lot of...

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One Hope

We think hope is really about desire, but it is simply about trust. 

Finding Hope in the Waves of Life

Scripture of the Week: Psalm 66:12 (NIV) "You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance." Hope Discovery of the Day: His salvation is our rescue, not the hoping for the waves to be still. Running to the...

Redefining Our Hope in Times of Trouble

Our hope is not just beyond the grave – it is for the here and now. This hope does not mean everything will be perfect. But those of us who are in Christ will be able to see beyond the here and now and have a hope that never fails . . . even in times of trouble.

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