Inspirational Thought of the Day:

Will we stand with the herd, or speak out so He can be heard?

Scripture of the Day:

2 Corinthians 4:13-15


“But since we have the same spirit of faith as that shown in what has been written, “I believed; therefore I spoke,” we also believe, therefore we also speak. 14 We do so because we know that the one who raised up Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus and will bring us with you into his presence. 15 For all these things are for your sake, so that the grace that is including more and more people may cause thanksgiving to increase to the glory of God.”


I’ve heard it said that some people are just more private about their faith. I might be stepping on toes here today, but I pray you will hear the heart – no judgment intended here, but hopefully a challenging reminder of why we need to speak of the greatest message this earth has heard – if it has heard it. There are some “buzz” words that have been quite effective at silencing God’s people. Thought of in a different light, these same words compel us to speak of our God.


Rights. We are living at a time when it is politically incorrect to share one’s faith. Somehow it infringes on other people’s rights – uh – in a society that says we should have free speech. Ok. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Actually, it might not have been called politically correct back in the day, but there have been issues in every culture about people proclaiming Christ – and even further back – The God of Israel – since forever. Man tries to control what man can believe or say. Well, the enemy is influencing man, as well, to try and silence God. Good luck on that objective. Man can try to silence the Lamb, but the God Who spoke and brought the earth into existence can speak for Himself, whether or not man wants to.


People risked their lives to achieve religious freedom in our country and this hard fought victory was manipulated into a false understanding of the separation of church and state. The original intention of ensuring that the Government cannot force a specific religion became a mandate that faith should have no effect on the Government itself. We are blessed, so blessed to have freedom of worship. But God help us if we stop speaking of what God has done for His people or try to establish a nation not on the principles of God. God bless America? America needs to bless God.


All this focus on trying to control what is acceptable to share and what isn’t makes me want to puke. And who is the voice behind such a mentality? They speak plenty loud. Just sayin’. While we have freedom of religion, we have got to speak of our great God and His amazing salvation. God commands it – that many will hear and understand and know their God.


Exclusive. It is also supposedly “excluding” another religion to declare one faith to be the only one. I say isn’t it good news that there is just one way? It takes out the confusion. The revelation of one standard by a Holy God helps us to know how to live with clarity. All are accepted. But all must choose to accept God’s truth, believe and live according to His Word. People exclude themselves when they think their way is better than what God has already revealed – to great depths, I might add – the way to Himself.


Why would people fight the reality of ther ebeing one way to Heaven? Because man wants to make his own way. In an “everyone is accepted” mentality, no one wants real accountability. They just want to be able to live how they want, and ultimately fight for the freedom to condone their sins.


There is a humanistic, paganistic voice that speaks up loud and clear – trying to convince mankind of lies. We who have seen and known the Truth must speak up, too. God will give us the words to say.


Uncomfortable. Oh mercy, don’t get me started on this one. Poor dear is uncomfortable because someone is passionate about sharing God’s love with others. Get over it. The pursuit of comfort is idolatry. And overrated, I might add. People apply peer pressure to make people behave the way they want them to. Saying something that might actually encourage someone to know God more is the kindest discomfort we can offer another individual. It prods them out of the lull of living a life without purpose.


Motivations. Some people just like to be controversial. Try to find a problem with what we do. “Why are you writing a blog? Why do you write music? For fame?” Uh, no. Look at the content of what we speak of. To proclaim our great God as loudly and clearly as we can. To be faithful with the greatest gift ever given. To share God’s healing and love with others. To express our love of Jesus. That is why. Flipping this question upside down, what would be the motive to NOT share Jesus? Fear of man? Shame?


Sometimes we can grow comfortable as Christians. We begin to think of our salvation as how we have always been and forget the incredible mercy and grace that has transformed our lives. When we consider eternity, though, we must not be silent. Will we stand with the herd, or speak out so He can be heard? This desperate world needs Jesus – not religion, not rules. Speak up with grace and truth.



Lord, thank You for saving us. Thank you for all that You have given and done for us. Help us to not grow complacent and to be faithful to share You with this hurting world – in a way they can hear. Expand our territories for You so that more may hear, oh God, of Your great love and fame.


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