Shame RX: The cost of shame is so much more than money.

Luke 12:34 (NIV)

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Shame exacts a toll we would not want to pay, yet we  continue to do so willingly in many aspects of our lives.  The cost of shame in our lives is so much more than money. And shame stemming from finances can lead to idolatry.

Shame urges us to spend more than we have, then it derides us by inciting us to define ourselves by what we own or do not own. And the root of a lot of the shame over finances is based in comparison. We feel we should have a certain level of provision because other people do. This is all vanity and pride.

We don’t truly own anything. We are merely stewards. People can strive for things money can buy and find that they are owned by what they thought they owned.

All this stress and anxiety over money is time wasted and burdens borne that don’t need to be. This is the real cost of shame. Worrying over finances steals our joy and keeps us focused on provision and our wants more than a sweet relationship with our Provider Who knows what we need before we even ask.

These wants can become covetousness and entitlement, which bury us in shame and distract us from focusing on what really matters. 

There is no shame in whatever level our finances are at. God gives us the abilities we all have, enables us to work and provides for us. It is all from Him.

God longs to be our sufficiency at all times. When we seek the Provider in need and in times of blessing, we are not insecure or shamed when times of lack visit us, nor are we boastful when we are blessed. He is the same God during both times, and it all comes from His hands. 


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