What seems right isn't

What Seems Right Isn’t

Man it is easy to be drawn in by the crowd, isn’t it? What seems right isn’t. In our upside-down world, it can be difficult to know which way is up. But God knows. And His plans truly are the best. When we finally stop relying on self, we discover a greater freedom is trusting God and letting go of control. Father knows best.

Bible Reading of the Day: Proverbs 16

The Proverbs leading up to today have taken us on a comparison of the wise and the foolish, the righteous and the wicked. This next section of Proverbs, 16-22 explains wise thoughts, actions and advice.

Proverbs 16:2, “All a person’s ways seem right to him, but the Lord weighs motives. 3 Commit your activities to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”

Proverbs 16:9, “A person’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps.”

We can’t out-plan God. Our purposes will not stand if we do not seek God in them. These verses remind me of other well-known verses that we have read this year:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

One of the issues in our hearts is trust. I know at times in my walk when I walked through deep waters I had to face the fact that I was doubting God’s goodness. Why would He allow such suffering in? Could He be trusted? Yes. But this brings us to another issue—control. We don’t want to let go of the control we THINK we have.

What Seems Right Isn’t—Rely on God

We tend to rely on our own mind and understanding because these thoughts are resident within us. We don’t question and examine them as we should through a biblical lens.

And the crowd will try to persuade and influence us that the direction we’re going in seems right and is right. The pervasive humanistic philosophy of “do whatever seems right or feels good” seems reasonable to us because man seeks his own glory.

But the created cannot know more than the Creator Himself. In humility when we seek God for counsel and direction, we are seeking His glory and not our own. We are walking in wisdom if we truly understand that we bring nothing to the table,  friends. Nothing. All that we have we have received. Not so we would rely on self, but so we could in relationship with God ask Him how He wants us to use what He has given.

God invites us to rely on Him because He is our portion. He is the strength we need. He has all we need. But sometimes we come to him once we have exhausted ourselves and are finally weary of seeking to live this life in our own strength.

What Seems Right Isn’t—Get Wisdom from God Not Self

We come to God because we are in a relationship with Him. And we come to God because we recognize that He is all-wise, knowing, loving God. He is the source of wisdom. Not the latest trends or popular vote. God alone and His precious word.

Proverbs 16:16 implores us to come to God for wisdom. “Get wisdom—how much better it is than gold! And get understanding—it is preferable to silver.”

I have a thirst to know God more. As I was studying and writing this exegetical paper this weekend, I wished I could have more time to just dig deeper and understand God’s word more. I have to do it in the wee hours and it is a sacrifice, but oh, to know my God more! To gain wisdom that  will help me to live this one life well! This is my earnest desire!

Proverbs 16:20 tells us the fruit of seeking wisdom: “The one who understands a matter finds success, and the one who trusts in the Lord will be happy.”

Seeking the world’s way will make us unhappy. Our flesh wants its way and thinks that brings happiness, but it just brings suffering, friends. And here is the fruit of one who lives  to please self and do what we think is right:

Proverbs 16:25 “There is a way that seems right to a person, but its end is the way to death.”

Death is a heavy price to pay for relying on self. Trust God, friends. His plans are good and He loves you!

Scripture of the day: Proverbs 16:6-7  

“Unfailing love and faithfulness make atonement for sin. By fearing the Lord, people avoid evil. 7 When people’s lives please the Lord, even their enemies are at peace with them.”


  • Don’t put confidence in your flesh.
  • Don’t go with the popular vote.
  • Get wisdom from God.
  • Seek His will, not yours.

7-Fold One-Year Bible Reading Plan

Day #222: Proverbs 16

Scripture of the Day: Proverbs 16:6-7

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