Shame RX: Shame’s residue can be removed with God’s word.

Leftovers. They often end up moldy in the fridge and we often feel a tinge of guilt when we opt to make something new rather than deal with the old. My hubby can eat 9-day old porridge, just sayin’. But if it does not pass the sniff test, no one wants the leftovers, right?

So it is with shame. We leave shame unresolved and it lurks around messing with our minds. But shame’s leftovers need to be dealt with. Filtering shame through the word of God, we can determine through our own “sniff test” how to deal with leftover shame. And once we have dealt with shame, we can let it go in Jesus’ Name.

Don’t hang onto yesterday’s shame like leftovers. Shame’s residue can be removed with God’s word.


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