Examining the fruit of social media

Examining the Fruit of Social Media

The impact social media is having on our culture is significant. What fruit is social media bearing in your life? All generations need to examine habits with social media but can learn to use social media well. The fruit of social can be beautiful when tamed and through a biblical lens. Listen in as Denise and her son Daniel Dovel Discuss the ups and downs of social media use and discuss 7 undesirable fruits of social media use.

Taming Social Media

Ultimately, examining the fruit of social media helps us to realize the effect it is having upon us. While it can be difficult to check up on our kids, not doing us can lead to a lot of pain. In short, a review of our social media habits helps us to recognize when habits have begun to have a negative impact on us, 

Our Hosts

Denise Pass

Denise Pass

Daniel Dovel

Daniel Dovel
Denise Pass is a national speaker with Compassion International and a women’s conference speaker, CCM Artist/Songwriter and worship leader with Seeing Deep Ministries. She’s the author of Shame Off You and 31 Days to Hope Reinvented. And she has written several songs that received radio airplay, including You Are Worthy and Layers. In her spare time she serves as a volunteer for Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Denise and her husband live near Fredericksburg, VA. Denise homeschooled for 23 years and is the mom of four adult children and one high schooler..

Daniel Dovel is the oldest son of Denise and is a graduate from Liberty University in Digital Communications. He is a songwriter and works for Chick-fil-a

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