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When Provision Looks Different . . . we can despair

As I stared down at the rejection letter from a recent job application, I felt my heart sink. I felt despair begin to rise and the influx of emotions started to rush in. This had been my second rejection in a short span of two weeks. When provision looks different than we thought it would, our heart can lead us to despair.

When Provision Looks Different . . . we can be disappointed

As I pondered what could have gone wrong and replayed scenarios in my mind, the heaviness of disappointment began to weigh on my shoulders as I slouched and sighed.

When Provision Looks Different . . . we can be ashamed

Shame wanted to rush in to accuse me, that I wasn’t enough, and I would likely not have enough.

I knew that staying in a place of doubt and worry about the future was not going to pay any bills. I needed to reset my mind and narrative to believe again in God’s faithfulness for a new direction.

When Provision Looks Different . . . Trusting in God Meets Our Needs

As I took a few deep breaths, I began to recall testimonies of God’s creative ways of provision in my life in the past. He had provided work in my university days through the work-study program and beyond, through various settings.

It may have not been a steady road, with a lot more detours than I would have desired, but the steady source of comfort remained. I may not know all the details of my future, but I can choose to recall God’s faithfulness in the past and reignite hope as I pursue my calling with His grace.

What are you believing about God’s provision? Here are two truths and a lie that reveal our heart concerning God’s provision.


When I forget God provides, I have a tendency to strive.

God desires we display integrity through our source of provision.


God does not care how we provide for ourselves, as long as we use any method to get ahead in life.

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:19

Shell Singh

Shell Singh


This week Shame Rx contributor from the Seeing Deep Ministry team, Shell Singh, shares on removing shame from a failed marriage.

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