Putting off and putting on

Putting off things is not quite as easy as putting things on. And we cannot put on the mind of Christ if we have not first put off ways of thinking that are counter to the mind of Christ.

Putting Off and Putting On

Putting off paves the way for putting on a new way of thinking. This is more than just trying to convince ourselves by willpower or by a good deed. This is like a heart transplant or perhaps better described as a brain transplant—where we truly learn to think differently. This new paradigm is the Kingdom of God. It is not something we can achieve on our own, but it is something we are given and can learn to walk in.

Putting Off Anxiety

Who wants to be anxious, right? Not this girl. Putting off is not just about the outright sin in our lives, it is also about the hidden mindsets that steal our joy. Which also leads us to sin as we are given to unbelief in what God has for us.

We have been burdened in this world with earthly mindsets, but we can put off those ways of thinking in Christ Jesus.

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