Shame RX:

We can be our own worst critic sometimes. Well, let’s be real—most of the time. Getting rid of shame is not a once and done proposition. Shame is not silenced by our mere dismissal. But God’s grace cleanses us from legitimate and false shame.

We have to be diligent to respond to shame in a biblical manner to walk in the freedom Christ offers. Silencing shame with grace is not abusing grace and dismissing shame that we might need to own up to, but it is choosing to recognize that God’s forgiveness covers all of our sin and shame. And we no longer have to wear the label of shame that once condemned us. Grace cleanses our consciences and helps us to let go of shame even when we feel we deserve it. and God has the final world on all of our guilt and shame. Shame Off You, friends!


Need to get rid of shame in your life? Join the Shame Off You Bible Study starting March 4th. Mondays at 7pm ET.

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