John 15:11
“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.”
Seeing Deeper:
What we focus on determines our joy.
The joy on the faces of my little ones as they eagerly awaited our Christmas morning celebration was infectious. There was no dimming the mood. Joy. It was everywhere.
Oh, to bottle up such moments to diffuse the joy on another day when our hearts are heavy. And this is what our Savior did. In His precious word and with the gift of the Holy Spirit, our minds and hearts can find joy . . . sometimes in the oddest places.
Joy meets us when we hurt.
Joy meets us when we feel sad.
Joy meets us when we are anxious.
Joy meets us when we choose Christ in the moment rather than whatever is stealing our joy.
What we focus on determines our joy. Will we focus on Christ, Who for the joy set before Him endured suffering and hardship? Joy. He had Joy! And we can, too. But will we choose joy? It seems out of reach. A perfect God can choose joy, but us?
It might seem too difficult to choose joy. It goes against our feelings. We kind of need those to feel joy, right? Wrong.
How do we have joy when life hurts? We have joy because our joy is Christ. Not any hope in this world.
When Christ came, He did not just come to bear all of our sins. He came to walk with us through every pain and shame we face on earth. He is God with us—our source of joy at all times.
Whatever you are facing right now in this life, whether or not it produces happiness or pain, God wants to be your joy in the midst. This gift of joy can be opened up every moment, not just on Christmas.
Merry Christmas, friends. And joy to the world.

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