Body Image Hacks—A Realistic View of You

Shame Rx:

Our measure of beauty is not the same as the world’s.

“Every part of you is so beautiful, my darling. Perfect is your beauty, without flaw within.” —Song of Solomon 4:7 (TPT)

A Realistic View?

I surveyed my reflection with a critical stare. I sighed. The dress didn’t flatter my body as I hoped it would. Maybe if I were only curvier or worked out more, it would have looked better. A few alterations later and a half-hearted exercise regimen, I was slightly more pleased.

Sure, I didn’t look like the ideal image I would have liked, yet I was determined to enjoy my friend’s wedding, nonetheless.

Shame was knocking on the door of my heart . . . would I open up and listen, or turn those thoughts around?

The Perspective of Our Body Image is Flawed.

Our propensity to look at our flaws and amplify minor details is a common issue to the human condition. Although our areas of inadequacy seem to have their own opinion, there is a better way to look at our bodies.

God gave us a blueprint in His word of how we can reprogram our internal voice to accept and celebrate our unique physical characteristics.

Body Image Hacks of Grace

By accepting the grace that is needed to have a healthy sense of self, we can view our bodies as gifts from God and steward them well.

Body Image Hack of Perspective

By realizing we have inner and outer beauty, the reassurance of deep security will enhance the beauty that has been gifted to us.

Body Image Hack of Joy

God’s word states that we are wonderfully made, and indeed, we all have physical features that enhance our countenance, especially if we add a touch of joy!

Ultimately, we do not have to fit into the perfect outfit to marvel and delight in our bodies that have been intricately designed to reflect an astute architect.

Our measure of beauty is not the same as the world’s.

It is not our appearance that defines our beauty—It is the condition of our heart.

Shame off you!

For there is no shame in enjoying who you were created to be amidst becoming a healthier, whole version of yourself along the journey of life.

“You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God” (1 Peter 3:4, NLT).”

Shame Off You!


Shell Singh

Shell Singh

Contributor, Shame Rx

Shell Singh is an Author and member of the Seeing Deep Ministry Team.


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