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Your true beauty is internal and eternal.

Shame Rx:

Loveliness and true beauty are not rooted in mere perceptions.


Show me your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely (Song of Songs 2:14 TPT) 

True Beauty is Not a Perception

Like most other women, I have been guilty of cringing when I look at my perceived flaws in the mirror. Yet, loveliness and true beauty are not rooted in mere perceptions.

The goal of a mirror is to reflect an image accurately, but a mirror is ultimately a neutral object. And our reaction to our self-image is often rooted in our concept of beauty and self-acceptance.

True Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

While beauty is all around us, many times true beauty takes time to discover. Beauty is not just a superficial trait- the age-old adage of beauty is more than skin deep holds fundamental truth.

Whenever I felt the weight of the lack of physical beauty, I have had to learn how to remember that love is a beautifier.

True Beauty Sees Past “Flaws”

In short, as I choose to look past perceived flaws in embracing eternal truths of a healthy self-concept, I can find true beauty in myself, others, and my surroundings.

And my journey of wholeness is found in the receiving and giving of pure love that mirrors the divine exchange of the cross bringing heaven to earth.

Will you choose to discover the pearls of beauty God has deposited within you beyond the surface?

True Beauty is Found in God’s Timeless Word

The word of God continually challenges us to look beyond what our eyes can see. Deep calls to deep is a way of coaxing us beyond the mere surface. As we look below the surface there are layers of timeless truths to discover and unravel as we press in with the enthusiasm of divine curiosity.

A hallmark of spiritual maturity is to see things from a broader perspective and a wider lens. The reason why some cameras are more expensive is that they allow a higher resolution to magnify the finer details.

True Beauty is Accepting Ourselves as We Are

Will we allow the Holy Spirit to speak over the details of insecurities and speak life into the areas we have disregarded?

There is real beauty in accepting ourselves and displaying our souls that radiate our Father’s love and acceptance.

Above all, choosing to bask in our Father’s love and continuously glowing in our true identity is real beauty. And when we find our true identity, our true beauty shines brighter than the radiance of all the stars in the sky.

Shell Singh

Shell Singh

Contributor, Shame Rx

Shelley Singh is a blogger with a heart to equip the body of Christ about shame and honor cultures to bring freedom through redemptive grace.


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