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Psalm 127:2

“It is vain for you to rise early, come home late, and work so hard for your food. Yes, he can provide for those whom he loves even when they sleep.”

Ecclesiastes 2:17

“So I loathed life because what happens on earth seems awful to me; for all the benefits of wisdom are futile–like chasing the wind.”

Mondays are always difficult for me.  The grogginess from the fullness of the weekend coupled with autoimmune diseases plaguing me from too much activity leave me craving coffee by the liter come Monday morning.  I know, coffee is not good for people with autoimmune diseases, but neither is my being laid out flat on the ground.  Slight exaggeration there, nonetheless, it seems fitting to kickoff yet another day of the week to pay tribute to – Mundane Monday.  I hope to be able to bring some cheer or life to fuel our Mondays and glorify God with what seems to be unimportant and dull.

Solomon really has my ear on days like this.  It is all futile, isn’t it?  Or is it possible that God is in the very minute details of our lives, even in the seemingly mundane aspects of life?

I remember when my children were little and I was between nursing one, changing another’s diaper and teaching another to read.  The words, “A holy calling” were sparked in my heart.  Nobler tasks were hassling me in a multitude of different directions, but they did not compare with the privilege of caring for each of my precious children – even when it got messy.

Paying the bills, answering e-mails, working my job, teaching my children, cleaning, making meals – all of these are significant and a part of my calling.  They are not glorious compared to other vocations, perhaps, but the outcome down the road is a worthy reward for submitting to such tedious tasks.

This past weekend I had the joy of watching my second child graduate from high school.  Soaking in the moment, thoughts of raising her flooded my head.  It was worth it.  Oh God, thank You for the privilege – every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Through tears, crises, hardships, joys, achievements and victories, I would not trade one memory, no matter how difficult, because it made her who she is and me, too.

In the difficult arduous tasks something more precious than completing the job at hand is formed – character.  Nearness to God.  Life.  When we are tempted to feel burdened or sorrowful for the hand which we have been dealt and how hard it all seems, our hearts are made light when we consider that all of it becomes Holy in the lives of His saints.

It is in the moments of realizing that our lives have emptiness that we will come and be filled by God.  It is in the busy times that we see our need of Him and times without distraction that we can be still before Him.  Everything we do is for Him and about Him, and none of it, not even the difficult or dull moments, are wasted in the hands of our King.

Lord, fill our lives with You.  When we are tempted to complain or agonize over life’s mundanity, help us to remember that all of it is part of Your plan and an extraordinary, precious gift.  Use our lives for Your glory, LORD!

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