Scripture of the Week:

Romans 10:11 (NET)

“For the Scripture says, ‘Everyone who believes in Him will not be put to shame.'”

Shame RX of the Week:

We never had to pursue the acceptance we already had.

Are you tired yet, friends? Tired of vying for the acceptance of others or of achieving some idea of a status you or others think you should have?

Sometimes we might not even recognize our striving. But beneath our work ethic and busy schedules is a motivation spurring us on. Is there someone’s admiration we seek? Their affirmation we think we need? Like a slave driver, we press on to earn something that keeps shifting. Or is it the glory of God alone that is our impetus to press on in this crazy life?

If we are honest, we have all had rejection in one form or another and sought to overcome that rejection by proving ourselves. It might be an achievement or a position—a status that will define us as somehow meeting the criteria we had fallen short of before. But then we find the rules have changed. Again. Our shame remains. At least, in the eyes of those who will never accept us in the first place. After all our striving we finally discover this truth—they can’t accept us because it would somehow limit their worth.

People assign others statuses beneath them in an attempt to elevate themselves and shame is the tool of choice. But oh, if we could just recognize in those moments that we have the power over shame, not the other way around. And we never had to pursue the acceptance we already had.

Statuses are temporary but the best status of all is the one status that remains despite our failings – being a child of God. Any shame this world places on us dissolves with God’s free salvation. FREE. We are redeemed. And we never could earn such an amazing status.

Why live with shame when you don’t have to? God has provided a way for us to remove shame and live in victory. Come and release your shame in Jesus’ name. Shame Off You details a biblical method for removing shame and is available at many retailers. Here are a few places you can get Shame Off You. Let me know you bought Shame Off You and receive a free bonus digital download.

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