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Daniel 2:22

“He reveals deep and hidden things. He knows what is in the darkness, and light resides with him.”

I wanted to take a minute to write a personal note to you on my blog.  When I first began this blogging journey, I did not want anyone to know my name.  Hidden away with hurt and shame, I longed for healing and to help others who suffered as I did. By crying out to God myself for understanding, I wanted to serve you, my readers, with hope in the midst, and actually helped provide healing I so desperately needed, too.  Sometimes it is in the darkest moments where there seems to be no hope, that we can really see.  Sometimes an end is actually a beginning and death has to happen before new life can.

Trauma never makes sense and the timing of said trauma is never convenient.  But then that is perhaps what makes it so traumatic – it was not what we expected and not at that time.  The lessons learned in the severe flames or our deepest trials are burned into our souls for the rest of our days. The fruit of our pain can be a beautiful offering to those who might not have tasted of the same bitterness, or to those who know the surroundings well.

This is the purpose of this ministry – to see the deeper meaning of life’s sorrows through God’s word – through this blog and through music.  Thank you very much for encouraging my heart by coming by to fellowship with me on this blog.  If you have enjoyed this blog, then the music will I believe be an encouragement to you, as well. Stepping out to record music again after a 7-year break, I invite you to come visit my page at PledgeMusic and consider purchasing the music in advance to help fund the recording.  To find out more, you can visit the Pledge Music tab on this blog website or visit this link: www.pledgemusic.com/seeingdeep

Seeing deeper is a choice we make – to not be complacent and not dumb down our pain and instead cry out to God for meaning in the midst of our pain.  May He encourage you today that he does still hold all the answers to our every doubt, sorrows and wonderings.

God Bless You –

All for Jesus,


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