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Matthew 14:28-30

Peter said to Him, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.”  29 And He said, “Come!” And Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus.  30 But seeing the wind, he became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!”

Joshua 1:9

“I repeat, be strong and brave! Don’t be afraid and don’t panic, for I, the LORD your God, am with you in all you do.”

Standing in the midst of an assembly of people all worshiping the LORD, the speaker’s eyes caught mine.  “Young lady, please come up here.  The LORD has a message for you”.  Twenty-six years ago as a new Christian, I was unsure of what was about to happen.  God had called me through a prophetic message given to me in a dream when I was a little girl.  I do not know why, in His mercy, He chose me, but I know I cannot cease praising Him for His mercy.  At this moment, in front of all these people, I was singled out and a music ministry was spoken over me.  I would be singing and playing keyboard on stage.

Funny thing was, I really was not a pianist at the time and did not seek to be in front of people.  In fact, I played the mini-tuba, puffing my cheeks and pulled the music stand just high enough so no one could see anything but my eyes.  I liked it that way.  An introvert by nature, why on earth would the LORD want to use me in front of people?

Within weeks of that prophesy, I was asked to play keyboard and sing on a worship team of a church plant.  “What?”  “Me?” There were far more talented people – extroverted people with charismatic personalities.  Uncomfortable as I was, I could not deny that the LORD has begun to pour songs into my spirit and I was suddenly writing music, singing and playing piano – something I had not had the ability to do before.

When God calls you to something, it is not always fully realized until a much later date. The Israelites would wander 40 years until they got to the promised land.  Joseph would ultimately see his prophesy come to pass, but not before many side roads that did not seem to be of God.  Abraham had to wait until he was 100 to finally gaze upon his promised son. Who says that when God calls you it will be fulfilled right away?  Not this girl – not this girl.

My music ministry has seen some interesting twists and turns.  Confirmation again and again, despite setbacks.  Winner of the “Do Good” ministry award (2000), chosen to be on The Spirit Radio Compilation CD (2001), radio play from both CDs, (2001, 2007), Inspirational album of the year (2006), first place IMMA Christian Contemporary Artist on “An Evening with Champions” television show (2007), an artist with Mission of Mercy helping sponsor children, a worship leader on staff and as a volunteer in several churches.  In the midst of all of these things was the greatest calling and delight of my life – raising my children, home educating them and discipling them.

But all the external validations are not what meant the most to me in ministry.  Seeing people encouraged and the opportunity to share God’s amazing, awesome goodness to help others keep putting one foot in front of the other and to know the One true God – brought me far more joy than any award ever could.  Seeing my children get a heart for missions and ministry by being a part of the process – priceless.

At the height of ministry, horror and trauma impacted my family and I set aside formal ministry.  My attention was where it needed to be – with my children.  Over the years, I have wondered if that calling was over or if God was not through with me yet.  I have battled with self-doubt and a variety of reasons why I should just give up, but inside me is an insatiable calling that I can no longer deny.  When I sing and write music, or I write or speak about my LORD, I sense His pleasure.  (Sure, this is a line borrowed from one of my favorite films, “Chariots of Fire”, but it so well describes the confirmation in my soul of this calling).

I am humbled and excited to share with you all that I am officially stepping out of the boat and going to step back into formal ministry.  So here it is, the eve before I officially begin the process of recording my next CD and step back into a calling that was interrupted by tragedy, but not forgotten.  It is hard to express the feelings in the depths of my soul.  At New Life Community Church in Louisa, VA tomorrow (Sunday), I will be sharing personal testimony and announcing the recording of a new 5-song EP to be produced by Shay Watson and released this summer.

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Blessed and Amazed,
Denise Pass | Seeing Deep

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