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Job 36:26; 37:5-7

“Yes, God is great–beyond our knowledge! The number of his years is unsearchable. 5 God thunders with his voice in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. 6 For to the snow he says, ‘Fall to earth,’ and to the torrential rains, ‘Pour down.’ 7 He causes everyone to stop working, so that all people may know his work.”

Job 37:14-16, 20, 23

“Pay attention to this, Job! Stand still and consider the wonders God works. 15 Do you know how God commands them, how he makes lightning flash in his storm cloud?  16 Do you know about the balancing of the clouds, that wondrous activity of him who is perfect in knowledge?” 20 Should he be informed that I want to speak? If a man speaks, surely he would be swallowed up! 23 As for the Almighty, we cannot attain to him! He is great in power, but justice and abundant righteousness he does not oppress.”

Psalm 68:35

“You are awe-inspiring, O God, as you emerge from your holy temple! It is the God of Israel who gives the people power and strength. God deserves praise!”

We use the word awesome so much today, we forget what the word truly means.  When we say someone or something is awesome, we are saying it is far above ourselves.  Worthy of praise and admiration.  It is a word which our vocabulary cannot sufficiently define.  While there are amazing things which God has created, none of them come close to the wonder of Him.

In this world of self-worship, recognizing someone as greater than ourselves is not typical.  In fact, dumbing things down has become commonplace and excellence is scoffed at.  It would seem that “awesomeness” has become a common word describing anything that we think is cool.

We have become so casual today that reverence seems outdated.  But there is still a Holy God Who is truly the only one Who inspires genuine awe in us all.  We cannot understand fully His Holiness or His ways, and yet He allows us to know Him, revealing Himself to us through His Word and activity in our lives. How incredible.  In a moment he can reduce the bravest among us into a frail speck of dust, but withholds his judgment and grants mercy instead.  Awesome indeed.

The One Who gives us strength and wisdom to live is the only One we should worship.  This life cannot deliver what our souls ache for.  We can try to find meaning and joy in this life, but the deepest abiding joy is only found in Him.  We were made to worship – not just something created – but the One Who is outside time and Who has always been and will always be.  Our awesome Creator, LORD over all.  Our God is an awesome God.

Lord, You are awesome!  You are worthy!  Help us to not be distracted by the cheap substitute this world offers.  You are beautiful and beyond description.  Capture our hearts to worship You alone!

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