Raising Kids in a Scary World

Raising Kids in a Scary World

This month we are talking about a scary subject . . . well, not really something that is going to scare you, per se, but a topic that is so needed today for parents in a culture that makes it difficult to raise our kids for Jesus. Today we’re talking about Raising Kids in A Scary World – Instilling Values. Listen in as Denise Pass and Danielle Poorman share on empowering and raising our children to be free from fear and to be in the world but not of it.

Raising Kids in a Scary World—Living the Values

Our kids cannot follow if we do not lead first. When we live out the values we want to impart to them, they are able to more faithfully follow the path.

Raising Kids in a Scary World—in God’s Word

Our own values apart from God’s Word will fall short. But the word of God is living and active and able to reach our children’s hearts when we can’t. Values are more than rules. They are what is behind the character in our children and the faith in their hearts.

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