Reigniting intimacy through humility

Reigniting Intimacy Through Humility

Humility plays a significant role in our lives—especially in marriage. How we relate to our spouse greatly impacts our relationship with God. Reigniting intimacy through humility is not natural and will take work. But when we are closer with our spouse it can help us to be closer to God, as well.

Reigniting intimacy happens when we die to self

When we marry someone, we no longer live just for self. And we need to consider our spouse as more important than us and put the other person first. Marriage is about holiness and God uses marriage as part of our sanctification.

Reigniting intimacy happens when we communicate humbly

How we communicate with one another is crucial to developing intimacy in our marriage.

Listen in as Denise and her husband Clay discuss how humility plays out in marriage.

If you missed the episodes on intimacy with God last month, listen in as that intimacy with God is what makes intimacy in our marriage possible. For more on being close with God, listen in to this series that come with free devotional downloads!

For more encouragement, give a listen to Family Life today’s podcast on humility in marriage:


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Denise and Clay Pass

Denise and Clay Pass

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